What if the bags under the eyes are big and black?

What if the bags under the eyes are big and black?

The underside of the eye is very thin. If it is slightly over-stacked, it will cause a slight overlap of the eye sockets to form a lower eye pocket. For the formation of the eye bags, people are always curious. Those who stay up all night and pay no attention to rest have aEye bags and dark circles can be said to be normal.

But even if some people rest well, they can’t eliminate their bags. What is going on?

How is the eye bag formed? If it is a congenital eye bag, usually the inferior eye socket is more congenital, or the lower eye tissue is weaker, and there will be slack.

2 acquired eye bags are generally widely used in people with eye bags. They usually appear when the skin is aging. It is usually around 30 years old. It is characterized by skin relaxation and increased tissue of the eye muscles. The subcutaneous area of the lower eyelids is slightly aging.The eye bags will gradually become apparent.

  Skin aging causes the main cause of eye bags, and some improper living habits are the causes of eye bags, sometimes improper massage, eye makeup damage, like staying up late.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach weakness will cause the appearance of bags under the eyes of the spleen qi deficiency typical symptoms of bloating less, after eating, swelling, limb burnout, Shenpi fatigue, less gas lazy words, body weight loss, or obesity edema, pale tongue.

2 typical symptoms of spleen yang deficiency, thin stools, less abdominal distension, abdominal pain, cold, suffocating, limbs are not warm, faceless or edema, oliguria or vaginal discharge more clear white, white tongue slippery.

This is why many people never stay up late, the quality of sleep is also very good, but there are often dark circles around the eyelids, and the bags under the eyes are getting bigger and bigger.

3 typical symptoms of gas sag, such as long-term diarrhea, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse and so on.

4 typical symptoms of spleen and blood are more common in chronic bleeding syndrome, such as menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, blood in the stool, blood stasis, subcutaneous bleeding.

In addition to bleeding, you must also see some symptoms of temper weakness.

  If your eye bags are long-lasting and are accompanied by the above symptoms, then you can basically judge that it is caused by weakness of the spleen and stomach.

To symptomatic treatment can have a good effect.

9 kinds of foods for strengthening the spleen and qi. The vitamin C content of green onions is 10 times higher than that of apples and 2 times higher than vitamins.

Onions also contain onion and garlic, which has the effect of replacing bacteria.

Tips: 250 grams of garlic, 500 grams of scallion, chopped with water 2000 ml decoction, 3 times a day, one cup each time, can prevent the flu; if it is stomach pain, too much stomach acid, people with indigestion can put the onion 4A gorgeous, transferred to 200 grams of brown sugar, and even served for several days.

2 Yam Yam is rich in nutrients, has spleen and qi, can prevent liver qi spleen and hurt the spleen; can tonify kidney and improve essence, can enhance the body’s resistance.

Tips: Rice boiled into porridge, add sugar and steamed yam yam and mix well, can strengthen the spleen and lungs, strengthen the body, nourish the kidney and benefit the essence, very suitable for the sick and sick and middle-aged and elderly, if you add red datesCooking, the nourishing effect is better.

3 garlic garlic has a strong bactericidal ability.

According to new research, garlic also has a certain brain-enhancing effect, which reduces the harm of vitamin B1 to the body.

Tips: Do not eat raw food on an empty stomach; kidney, liver, bladder disease should be avoided during treatment; heart disease and habitual constipation should pay attention to eating less; can not eat with honey.

4 jujube jujube is sweet and flat, especially suitable for spring consumption.

Tips: For those who are weaker in body and have a bad appetite, you can usually eat more jujube rice: it is mainly rice, with red dates, bright color, refreshing and sweet.

5 leeks leek soaked sugar, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and volatile oil.

In addition, leek also contains anti-biomass, which has the effect of seasoning and sterilization.

6 potatoes (artichokes, potatoes, yam eggs) are sweet and flat.

Role: qi, spleen.

Suitable for spleen weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion.

Germinated potato buds and skin are poisonous and do not eat.

7 sweet potato (sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato) sweet, flat, spleen and stomach.

Role: spleen and stomach, benefit Qi, wide stomach.

It is suitable for the spleen and stomach to be weak, thin and weak, and less diarrhea.

More food is easy to cause acid reflux, metabolic metabolism.

8 mushrooms are sweet and flat.

Role: benefit stomach, support for acne.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, fatigue and fatigue.

It belongs to hair, measles and skin diseases, and allergic diseases are not eaten.

9 chestnuts are sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, kidney.Role: spleen and stomach, kidney and strong tendons, blood circulation to stop bleeding.

Suitable for spleen deficiency, less nausea, diarrhea.

People with qi stagnation and bloating do not eat.

How to eliminate the eye bags 1 massage can gently block the eye area several times a day before going to bed, can enhance local blood circulation, promote blood cells in the active eye area, relieve eye edema and eye bags.

However, eye-week massage needs long-term persistence. It is difficult to see the effect only once or twice. This requires psychological preparation.

2 Surgical correction If the conservative treatment can not achieve the effect, then you can also use the surgical correction method, you can immediately eliminate the bags under the eyes.