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Take care of sensitive muscles in summer and autumn

Late summer and autumn solstice, another season of seasonal changes, only to adapt to the test of the sun’s skin, once ushered in a new round of adaptation period.


hzh {display: none; }  每次季节交换时期,皮肤都会或多或少出现这样那样大大小小的问题.

Many people say that their skin is susceptible to allergies when changing seasons, but they have never corrected their own skin, which is sensitive skin. Some people even have skin allergies and have never taken care of them rashly. This has led to a series of skin care problems afterwards。  Xiaobian and sensitive skin care expert La Roche-Posay jointly released the “Report on the Investigation of Chinese Women’s Sensitive Skin”. The results show that sensitive issues can be seen everywhere around us!


One in every two people is sensitive muscle!

  Of the 8,803 questionnaires collected nationwide this time, nearly 54% of the respondents considered their skin to be sensitive, 34.

7% of the respondents were uncertain about their skin’s sensitivity. They may also have skin sensitivity.

  In fact, the prevalence of sensitive skin phenomena is inseparable from the evolution of many factors.

There are more and more uncertain factors in the climate and environment, the addition of food and beauty products is becoming more and more complicated, the daily life stress and mental stress are also increasing, and the body and skin immune system cannot cope with the “rivals”As a result, the chance of sensitizing the skin and the severity of the reaction are greatly increased.


As soon as the season changes, the skin is restless!

  In this survey, nearly 70% of the respondents had skin allergic reactions mainly during the season change.

There are 22 more.

3% of the respondents indicated that they would have sensitive skin reactions all year round, compared with 35 of those with sensitive skin.

8% of skin allergic reactions occur all year round.

% and over 50% of the respondents indicated that they will have the following skin sensitivity symptoms: when the climate changes, the skin often feels tight and dry; after stimulation, the symmetrical position of the two toes and nose is prone to redness; most of them are always dryIt has a tight feeling, and will peel in autumn and winter.

  Although skin sensitivity is the result of a combination of internal and external factors, it is more susceptible to changes in the external environment.

Changes in climate, ultraviolet light, temperature, wind, etc. will cause poorly tolerated sensitive skin metabolic cycle disorders, disordered epidermal structure distribution, internal water loss, impaired sebum membrane protection, irritant or allergenic substances easily invade and erodeThe barrier function of the skin.

The change of the external environment during the season is the most obvious, and it is also the most likely to cause sensitive skin reactions.


Sensitive issues, damage to life, can not be confident!


8% of people have sensitive skin. Respondents believe that skin sensitivity affects their daily and work mood, 42.

1% of the respondents felt that sensitive issues affected their social psychology and became unconfident to interact with people.

  In fact, the poor tolerance of sensitive skin to internal and external environmental factors may not be a specific skin disease, but it can affect many aspects from the skin to the heart.

In many cases, fragile skin cannot face changes in the environment, and it also challenges self-confidence. It is impossible to look up to face many changes. Because of sensitivity, rejection of make-up, leaving skin defects exposed, and more or less backPsychological shadow.


Allergy and Sensitivity Definition Recovery!

5% of the respondents did not know the difference between sensitive skin and sensitive skin. What is the difference?

In our survey, about half of the respondents did not know the difference between skin allergy and sensitive skin.

Among the respondents who were not sure whether they were sensitive skin, 63.

5% did not know the difference between the two; even among those with sensitive skin, 58 had it.

9% cannot distinguish between the two.

  In fact, skin allergies and sensitive skin are two related but distinct issues. Sensitive people are more likely to be allergic, but everyone can have allergic symptoms.

Once the skin is allergic, without timely treatment or subsequent care, the barrier function of the skin is not easy to recover. Often in the past, it will gradually become sensitive skin.
  Care for sensitive skin needs to be very careful, but in general, it is summarized as follows: 1.
Avoid the influence of environmental factors: Avoid the invasion of sunlight and polluted air, block dust, excessive stimulation of sweat.

Reduce the use of hot air conditioners and showers should not take too long.


Avoid direct contact with skin factors: use warm water to wash your face during maintenance, use natural mild, low-allergenic, weakly acidic facial cleanser, make-up will increase the burden on the skin, try not to apply makeup or make heavy makeup on sensitive skin;To reduce makeup time, make-up must be gentle and thorough.

Choose skincare products for sensitive skin.


Avoid the influence of biological factors: pay attention to the cleanliness of the face and the hygiene of the environment.

Ventilate the environment.


Actively treat related diseases: pay attention to the protection of related diseases, eat less fish and shrimp seafood and irritating food.


Avoid cosmetic and iatrogenic factors: Minimize steaming, massage, exfoliation, and avoid skin damage again.

Try to avoid using topical creams containing leather steroids, especially powerful hormones.


When sensitive, try not to rub or scratch the skin, do not use hot water, because it will irritate the skin; cold spray with ion sprayer, cold saline gauze.

Seek doctor’s help in time.

  After this, Xiaobian’s intimate reminder: skin can not stand tossing, change seasons and sensitive seasons, choose skin care products for sensitive skin, let the skin transition smoothly, in order to remain bright in the next season!