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How to rehydrate oily skin 5 tips for rehydrating oily skin

How to care for oily skin?

Moisturizing is king.

After all, too much oily skin is caused by lack of water.

Therefore, the hydration work is done well, maybe oily skin problems will be solved.

Let ‘s take a look at how to moisturize oily skin!

  Moisturizing mask Mask is a good helper for skin first aid. If you want skin hydration, you need a mask.

The mask contains high-molecular essence, which can densely provide nutrition to the skin.

First of all, there are many types of moisturizing masks, just choose a few refreshing hydration.

After applying the mask, be sure to send a moisturizing cream to shrink, so that the hydration effect is more obvious.

  Moisturizing essence Apply moisturizing essence on the face before going to bed at night, which can effectively moisturize dry cells.

If you want to achieve a better water retention effect, you may wish to apply the lotion after applying the essence.

  Oily essence Oily skin is more resistant to oily skin care products. In fact, in addition to hydrating, oily is also necessary.

Oil skin care products are best to choose the essence or essential oil type, their molecules are relatively small and can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

With oil, the skin will feel very moisturized. When the skin’s ability to absorb water is weakened, the oil will help open the water channel.

  Eight glasses of water a day. Skin dehydration is the external manifestation of body dehydration, so if the body is dehydrated, the skin dehydration will be more serious.

Persist in drinking eight glasses of water a day, eat more fruits and drink more soup, adjust internally and externally, oily skin may also improve.

  Skin care methods Skin care methods directly affect your skin care results, so it is important to master the correct and effective skin care methods.

First rub your hands, then mix the makeup water with 1-2 drops of essential oil and gently press the mask, so that the moisture will bring the essential oil into the skin, and the temperature of the palm will also assist in absorption.

Each layer of skin care products should wait for about 1 minute, and then apply a layer of skin care products, this skin care effect is more obvious.

  How to maintain oily skin For oily skin, washing your face is not enough. You must also take good care of it and take good care of it.

So, how to maintain oily skin?

Let’s go together!

  1, do a good job of skin cleansing: oily skin for the eyebrows should not be used too strong cleansing products, otherwise the skin’s own oil is removed, the skin’s self-defense function will lead to more oil, which will increase the oiliness and acne.

  2, do a good job of hydrating: oily skin itself can only secrete oil, but can not provide the skin with the required moisture, so oily skin especially requires external injection of water.

For oily skin, you should choose a hydrating skincare product that suits you, and hydrating after cleansing your face every morning and evening to maintain the balance of water and oil on the surface of the skin.

  3, timely response to complications: oily skin often appear acne, blackheads, large pores and other skin problems.

These issues should be addressed in time.

In addition, the usual basic nursing work is also necessary, and it is best to do it every few days.