New mother’s postpartum recovery and nursed back to health

New mother’s postpartum recovery and nursed back to health

Pregnancy and childbirth have caused tremendous changes in Mommy’s body. Only by taking good care of it can the body be rehabilitated as soon as possible and recover quickly.

It is a seemingly simple matter to take care of a good mother, but there is a lot of knowledge in it.

  叮咛一: The body is clean and the pregnant woman has to obey some traditional customs. After a few seconds, I don’t dare to brush my teeth, comb my hair and take a bath. I am afraid that the injured body is actually harmful to health because the mother eats a lot of high protein every day after childbirth.After brushing your teeth, you have a lot of irritations in your teeth and oral mucosa. It is most likely to cause mouth ulcers and even loose teeth.

  In addition, postpartum metabolism is strong, maternal sweating, lower body produces lochia and excess milk, which will make the skin very dirty, affecting the mood is also easy to breed bacteria.

  The correct way: normal washing, pay attention to keep warm, you can start brushing your teeth the next day after birth, if it is warm water in winter; pay attention to the correct brushing posture.

If it is a natural childbirth, you can take a shower after childbirth and ban bath.

In addition, quickly wash your body after washing, put on your clothes in time, and dry immediately after washing your hair.

  叮咛2: Accelerate the discharge of the lochia into the vaginal discharge of the menstrual-like liquid and secretions. This is formed by the sputum in the uterus, the blood of the placenta separating the wound, etc. It is the same as normal blood, so the more it flowsLess is better.

Generally, the discharge in the first 3 days after delivery (pure blood color), after about one week, is basically free of blood, white or yellowish white, about 2 to 3 weeks after delivery, and the discharge of the lochia marks the recovery of the uterus.And whether there is an abnormality.

  The correct way: pay attention to the need to change the inner and outer underwear, sanitary napkins.

If you have more lochia, you can also take motherwort cream.

If there is a blood clot or excessive blood in the lochia, or there is an odor, it indicates that the uterus is in poor recovery and may have an infection. You should see the doctor as soon as possible.

  Thirty-three: pay attention to timely urination, prevent constipation Mummy should urinate in time after delivery, this is a major event in the postpartum recovery period, once urinary retention occurs, the inflated bladder may affect uterine contraction, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

In addition, some women do not eat green vegetables, only eat big fish and meat, it is also easy to cause constipation.

  The correct way: there is urine, especially in the 4-6 hours after delivery, there should be a urine discharge; foods that eat coarse fiber properly, if constipation occurs, do not abuse drugs, you can take Chinese medicine four mill soup.

  叮咛4: Preventing growth and obesity Many mothers become bloated after they have been out of the month, and it is difficult to recover afterwards, so it is necessary to pay attention from the beginning of the confinement.

  The correct way: early activities: as long as the body allows, the perineum does not break, 12 hours after birth can sit up to eat and drink, 24 hours to get out of bed to do some diaper change; 10 days after delivery can do some minor housework,But be careful not to linger for a long time, too much force, so as not to increase the abdominal pressure and damage the genitals.

In addition, the first time you get out of bed, it is best to be accompanied.

  Eat a balanced diet: diet is light, eat nutritious foods, eat lean meat, soy products, fish, eggs and vegetables and fruits, eat less food, sweets, sugar and other foods, pay attention to soup when it is bestRemove the oil.

  Breastfeeding baby: Infant sucking can promote the uterus to rejuvenate, so that the swollen abdominal wall can be quickly retracted. In addition, the secretion of milk can promote metabolism in the body and reduce the accumulation of the aunt’s aunt.

  Exercise: Pay attention to the usual walking. If you want to exercise, it is not too early, otherwise it is not conducive to recovery. It is best to do it after half a year of production.

  叮咛5: Family care is indispensable. Many women have poor sleep, fatigue, irritability, pessimism, and disgust in postpartum; this is a strong mental reaction caused by stimulation of childbirth, and is also related to social and psychological factors.

  Correct practice: It is recommended that you learn the knowledge of production properly from the beginning of pregnancy, and prepare for the psychological and material preparation of production. In the special period of post-natal life, the family must understand and care for the mother.Accompanied by the side, take the initiative to do everything, care about his wife.

Especially the introverted, tempered woman; the family cares about the boys and girls; the maternal mother who has passed the forceps during production, the family should pay more attention, if necessary, please consult the psychiatrist.

  Sixth: Breast cancer needs more care for the breast is an important sexual organ for women. In order to prevent female breast pain after childbirth and some breast diseases, we must pay attention to health care after childbirth.

  The correct way: breastfeeding, do not wear a bra, you should wear a bra that is convenient to place; if the milk can not be eaten, it should be emptied, not to swell as the standard.

  叮咛7: 42 days after childbirth, the wounds in the uterus and the recovery of the uterus need at least 42 days. If the intercourse is too early, it may bring the bacteria into the pelvic inflammation.

  The correct way: it is best to check the genital organs after the postpartum has returned to normal and then do sexual intercourse, in addition, not to menstruation does not mean not ovulation, lactation should also pay attention to contraception.