Running on the Sand at the Beach

“Running on the Sand” at the Beach

Trendy fitness exercises are always related to fashion and novelty, so they have a lot of fans. At present, the UK is very popular as a form of exercise-sand running.
Running on the sand not only exercises people’s physique, but also provides people with visual enjoyment and a smooth respiratory system to a certain extent due to the arrangement of their activities.
Can be described as full body enjoyment.
  In Britain, many people like to run on the beach, breathe fresh air while running, and enjoy the feeling of fine sand massage the soles of their feet.
Some running enthusiasts also spontaneously organize activities to encourage people to often run by the sea.
“A survey conducted online last year showed that one-third of runners choose to jog on the sand because they like the feeling of barefoot sand.
“But because running to the beach is limited by time, place, weather, and many other factors, people think of moving the beach indoors, and in London there have been sand houses dedicated to running exercises.
In a sports hall of the Sandhouse Club in London, the reporter saw that there is a circular runway of more than 150 meters long. There is a shallow groove of more than 1 meter wide on the runway, which is covered with fine sand. Many people are running above;There is also a sand pile in the center of the house, where several children are playing barefoot.
  There is music in the sports hall, and the sound of sea breeze and seagulls is heard from time to time.
James, who is exercising here, told reporters: “Whether I go to the beach or in the sand house, running on the sand makes me feel full of sports.
The beach brings me closer to nature, and the temperature in the sand house is always very comfortable.
I have practiced running on the sand for over a year, and I have lost weight and strengthened my body.
More importantly, sand is also a good companion for children, which makes them willing to exercise with me.
“According to Kramer, the person in charge of the Sandhouse Sports Club, the sand here is transported from the beach. After the special treatment of the staff, the big sand stones that may hurt the feet are removed.
The staff also disinfected and replaced the sand on time to ensure the safety of the exercisers.
“The skin on the feet is very easy to hurt. People who run to the beach often scratch their skin, but jogging in a sand house can be assured.
And don’t worry about getting sunburned.
“” Running on the sand has many benefits to the body.
According to Kramer, first of all, in order to maintain the balance of the body when running on the sand, the leg muscles are stronger than usual, which can enhance the exercise effect on the muscles; secondly, the ankle, knee, hip, waistThe joints of the parts should cooperate with each other, which can improve joint flexibility and enhance cardiopulmonary function. At the same time, fine sand can massage the soles of the feet, improve peripheral blood circulation, and improve resistance and cold resistance.Stimulate paraadrenal tissue, promote hormone secretion, play a role in whitening the skin!