Yoga Wear Selection Guide

Yoga Wear Selection Guide

Core tip: From minority sports to the forefront of fashion, the charm of yoga has made more and more people move.

  From the minority movement to the forefront of fashion, the charm of yoga has made more and more people move.
  F1 seeks comfort and looseness.

It echoes the requisites of meditation, the convenience of meditation, comfort, looseness and even yoga clothing.

  F2 chases Zen style fashion.

In this summer pose that cannot be infused with oriental flavor, the simple and natural Zen style fashion is quietly blowing at the same time, with loose-cut tops in Indian style, loose trousers highlighted by rope, comfort and sportsThe linen, which is uniform and beautiful, is fashionable and also a spirit of natural meditation.

  F3 takes mashup credits.

At present, there are no professional yoga apparel brands on the market. For the fashion clan, a mix-and-match philosophy that takes into account practical needs and fashion needs has become a compulsory content, which is also in line with the concept of wearing more clothes.

  Material: Natural cotton and linen. There is no doubt that the rough cotton and linen has both the original movement and the goodness of Zen.

Especially those with tangled neps on the surface of the cloth, it is more simple and natural, and has an inherent texture.

  Tops: A top that is used for practicing yoga is not necessarily a Zen-style dress in monk clothes and robes. Temperament is most important to taste.

The emphasis is on spirituality, the realization is comfort, and the sensibility is Zen interest.

Therefore, when choosing a top, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, you can not only meet your Zen consciousness, but also add points to your beauty.

  Experts in Yoga Apparel Suggestion: Zhu Lingyan (Chanzhou Yoga Studio Coach) 1. Tight-fitting fitness clothes cannot replace yoga clothes.

Yoga clothing does not have to be wide-sleeved and large-sleeved. From a convenient point of view, it can be made tight and loose.

  2. Yoga pants should be trousers with drawstrings. If the blouse has a loose hem, it is better to have drawstrings or elastic mouths. It is not easy to lose light when turning.

  Sourcing suggestions: Many fashion brands this year have beautiful cotton-linen drawstring pants, which are very suitable for yoga practice.

It’s worth buying at a discount.

  Wang Lixin (Yoga Coach at the Permanent Fitness Club) As a coach, I prefer to wear plain colors such as black. It is easy to enter the state of mind and attract the attention of others.

  Purchasing suggestions: There are some small shops around Beijing Dance Academy specializing in dance clothing. They can find very suitable clothes, and you can also pay attention to some sports brands. There are one such as Hosa, two cotton drawstrings with elastic trousers.It’s cheap and very comfortable to wear.