Xiayin Laoya Carrot Soup Yangwei Xiaoshi Ziyin Runchang Laxative

To Xia Yin Lao Ya Carrot Soup Yangwei Xiaoshi Ziyin Runchang Laxative Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Laoya is flat, sweet and salty, and can nourish the yin and nourish the stomach. “Famous Doctors’ Records” states that it “tonicates and removes heat, and Tibetan mastiffs, and water channels”;The yin of the five internal organs, the heat of depletion and exhaustion, […]

Treating autism before the age of six is key

Treating “autism” before the age of six is key Autism in children, also known as autism, usually begins within 3 years of age. The specific cause of the disease is unknown and may be related to multiple factors such as heredity, infection, and immunity. Therefore, it is not possible to prevent it. It is best to detect and treat it […]

Coarse salt prevents sprain!

Coarse salt prevents sprain! There are often minor problems in life. Although it is uncomfortable, it does not require a doctor, or these disturbing illnesses suddenly occur in the middle of the night or on a holiday, but it is not enough to urgently go to the doctor. Some natural first-aid prescriptionsYou can find it in your kitchen. However, these […]

Test your fortune from choosing jewelry meaning-

From choosing jewellery to implying your fortune? From the choice of jewelry, you have some kind of fortune.   Choose your favorite jewelry.   1. Gold ring-A 2, white gold necklace-B 3, diamond earrings-C 4, emerald bracelet-D 5, gem brooch-E 6, agate brooch-F 7, pearl head 簪 -G 8, Jade Guanyin Pendant-H 9, Linked Heart Bronze-I 10, Complete set of silver ornaments-J […]

What is your personality in the workplace

What is your personality in the workplace We all know that personality is important to a person’s success or not, and whether life is smooth or not. Although the personality is born, if the day after tomorrow is to avoid strengths and weaknesses, in fact, you can still change your life trajectory to some extent. The key is that many […]